Eaton Government Solutions Customer Success Stories

US Army
"Our mission is to enable soldiers in a foxhole anywhere in the world to communicate with their home base. That's the criticality of this project."
-US Army Spokesperson
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US Army
"The system provides 100 percent redundancy for all power with 99.99 percent reliability. Both the A and B grids are fully computerized, automated and can sense and seamlessly transfer power with no interruption to the facility mission. If there's a commercial utility failure or power outage, the power plant would instantly switch to power from the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and then the new back-up generator sets will automatically spool and provide back-up power to the SATCOM facility."
- Fred Porzio, Project Leader with PM DCATS' Product Manager, Defense Wide Transmission Systems (PM DWTS)

Andrews Air Force Base
“They are truly one of the best in the United States when it comes to power supplies, rectifiers, battery banks, switchgear, and other integrated power equipment installations. I would highly recommend them to any government agency for future use. They are truly a five star organization from top to bottom.”
-John Schiliro, Facilities Chief for the 89th Communications Group, Andrews Air Force Base
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The State Department
"What good is all this wonderful technology if there's no electricity? It is absolutely essential to have uninterrupted power."

-Chip Mather, Senior Vice President of Acquisition Solutions Inc.
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Air Logistics Center (ALC):
Recently awarded a seven-year, $76 million Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, Eaton is the U.S. Air Force's most trusted power management source.

U.S. Intelligence:
The federal government's most protected sites of intelligence gathering and defense count on us to ensure maximum uptime and power quality.

For power protection that's out of this world, NASA relies on our solutions for a number of critical operations at Florida's Kennedy Space Center - including the Launch Control Center, Orbiter Service Bays and the Processing Control Center.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is responsible for the monitoring of and response to environmental conditions. To safeguard critical data gathered from satellites and indispensable research, NOAA depends on Eaton.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):
The FAA depends heavily on our solutions to safeguard systems from power disruptions threatening failure, data loss and file corruption. Eaton was awarded a Contractor Depot Logistics Support (CDLS) contract by the FAA, designating the company as the primary source provider for a large number of regional sites supporting the national air space and air traffic control operations.

Social Security Administration (SSA):
As millions of Americans count on social security, the SSA relies on Eaton to protect its crucial systems. Approximately 20 Eaton UPS modules and two large redundant configurations safeguard the SSA's invaluable information systems.