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Find the right IT product for your school

Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your networks and connected equipment are protected so you can concentrate on helping your teachers and students. That said, these products help you organize, protect and manage your IT environment. They also integrate with today’s top virtualization and converged infrastructure vendors.

Eaton offers the following products to support your school's needs. Plus, Eaton UPSs are eRate Category 2 eligible.




We provide reliable, efficient and safe power management products that help IT managers do more with less. Here's where we may be able to help in your school. (You can also see how these products and others fit into a full network closet, server room or data center solution).


Safeguard bell systems and cameras with locking wall mount enclosures and a 5PX UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Emergency lighting:

Keep the lights on even when the power isn’t with our UL 924 certified emergency lighting UPS options.


Protect cafeteria transactions with a 5SC UPS.

Network closet:

Reduce clutter and improve remote monitoring with a two-post rack, cable management, Eaton 9PX UPS and an Intelligent rackmount PDU.

Computer lab/digitized testing:

Avoid unplanned disruptions with a 3S UPS.

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