Reliable Marine Power Protection Systems

The power behind world class marine and offshore applications

The increasing amount of new technology installed on board presents a whole set of challenges to the electrical power supply of a vessel or a rig.

Today’s sophisticated high technology equipment can fail to do its work or even get damaged if the input power has disturbances or breaks down completely. That is why UPSs that supply uninterruptible clean power are essential on board.

Equipment that needs power can be divided into roughly four groups:

  • Safety and cruising related systems, such as navigation equipment and emergency lighting. Classification organizations normally require UPS protection for these systems.
  • Commercial applications such as casinos and electronic point of sale (EPOS) devices at cruise ship restaurants and shops. Customer satisfaction depends on the smooth operation of these systems.
  • Business and management support, such as marine computer systems that enable continuous business management.
  • Special systems on board specialized vessels. Exploring, drilling, lifting, and cable laying, for example, is accurate and sensitive work where mistakes cannot be tolerated.