550 virtual machines

Reference Design and Other Specifications
Drawing Eaton three-phase FlexPod power
FlexPod Components
Compute UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis
Networking Cisco UCS 6248UP Switch, Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch
Storage NetApp FAS 3240 Controller, NetApp 2246 Disk Shelf
Eaton Power Distribution and Bypass Components
ePDU G3 Metered input EMI317-06. IEC60309-60A input. (9) C13, (12) C19 output. Remotely control and measure the power consumption of each FlexPod element.
Eaton BladeUPS BladeUPS 36 kW. Revolutionary power quality solution that is scalable and modular. Our preassembled versions allow for simplified installation and startup.
Eaton Rack Infrastructure
S-Series Rack ETN-ENC423042S. Sturdy 42U enclosure design for high density systems like FlexPod. 30-inch wide enterprise rack allows plenty of room for cabling.
Environmental Monitoring Probe 116750224-001. Quantity of 2. Set up actions and alerts on humidity and temperature events within the rack.
Eaton Intelligent Power Management Software
Energy management module for vCenter Manage power and enable VM live migration, Site Recovery Manager or Load Shedding from your vCenter console. Free download.
Shutdown module for FAS storage Gracefully shutdown your NetApp storage during an extended power outage. Free download.