Government & Education Power Management Solutions

Creating a reliable, predictable environment is critical in data centers; especially in the delivery of public services. Growing governmental IT operations support critical applications involving healthcare, education, public safety, defense, and much more.

All of these IT facilities depend on solutions that improve both operational efficiency and reliability. This includes an uninterrupted supply of clean power and the ability to manage increasing heat loads in today’s high-density data centers. To ensure that those needs are met, Eaton offers complete, integrated airflow management and power protection solutions for customers at all levels of government—federal, state, and local. Our unique approach provides a full range of services from rack-based heat containment to cold or hot aisle isolation and finally the industry’s leading line of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power quality systems.

We are on multiple GSA schedules for products and services, with systems delivered to the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, DOD, FAA, DOE and NASA, to name just a few. We can tailor a solution to meet the needs of any agency or institution, from a local 911 emergency response center to an entire university campus.