Which UPS is right for the job?

Considerations in choosing standby, line-interactive, double-conversion designs— and new high-efficiency, multi-mode capabilities—for your data center

Which UPS is right for the job?

Traditionally, data center managers and facilities managers could choose from three UPS topologies: standby, line-interactive and double-conversion—offering widely varying levels of efficiency, performance and protection.

The latest generation of double-conversion UPSs offers unique multi-mode capabilities. The UPS operates in a very high-efficiency mode unless power conditions warrant a switch to the higher protective level typical of double-conversion mode.

This white paper describes how various UPS topologies work and looks at the impact of operating mode on five key factors of UPS performance:

  • Maintaining voltage within tolerances
  • Transferring among modes without locking up IT equipment
  • Transitioning gracefully to and from generator power
  • Reliability and availability
  • Energy efficiency

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