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How to choose the right UPS service approach

The four primary options available for maintenance and service of UPS products

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Straight talk about capacitors in your UPS
What they are, what they do, why they’re essential in your UPS— and the importance of proactive maintenance for these humble and often overlooked components
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Power Management for Server Virtualization
Strategies for preserving business continuity and data integrity in virtualized data centers
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UPS Basics
Everything you ever wanted to know about uninterruptible power systems but were afraid to ask.
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Proyecto BlueGrass: Construyendo una Infraestructura Confiable para el Futuro.
Un vistazo a cómo Eaton está construyendo nuevos centros de datos diseñados para una máxima sustentabilidad y excelencia operativa.

Simplificando la administración de energía en centros de datos virtualizados.
El plugin de Administración Inteligente de Energía de Eaton para vCenter Server de VMware integra virtualización y administración de energía.