Eaton and New Era IT: Supporting World Class E-Learning

Location: Auckland, NZ
Segment: Education
Products: Eaton 9PX UPS, Intelligent Power Manager & Micro Data Centre

Founded in 1960, Pakuranga College in Auckland prides itself on being a national leader in e-learning strategies and modern teaching practices. Its 2,250 students embrace technology every day, bringing their own devices to school to enhance and personalise their learning.

With 2,500 devices connected to their network at any one time, Pakuranga college knows how important it is to backup their critical systems and eliminate down time.


IT services provider New Era IT has worked closely with Pakuranga College for the past five years, managing the school’s IT infrastructure. As part of its IT development plan, power quality is an important factor as bad weather and power outages can often cause disruptions across the region.

To protect critical systems and servers, New Era IT recommended upgrading the school’s UPS systems to ensure clean power to servers in a blackout and to allow enough time to back-up files and shut down equipment during extended outages.


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