Southwest Airlines

Dallas, Texas, USA
Because even a momentary glitch in power can spell disaster for the airline, Southwest needed highly reliable UPSs to protect critical equipmnet at its headquarters campus and several reservation centers across the country.
Eaton 9355, 9315 and Powerware Plus 750, PowerTrust Service Plans
To complement the numerous legacy UPSs thar are operating efficiently in large part due to regular maintenance, Southwest purchased several new Eaton 9355 UPSs with service and monitoring plans.
Service Coverage:
PowerTrust Service Plans
Eaton CSE:
Gary Rose and Jason Renshaw


A few years ago, a lightning strike took one of the airline's UPSs offline. Eaton service techs responded quickly and diligently, just as it had for many years in helping ensure the ongoing health and operation of the airline's UPS units. When Southwest needed to replace four systems, the airline decided to continue contracting with Eaton to provide UPS service and new UPS units based on its long and successful history with Eaton and overall satisfaction with Eaton customer service engineers.

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