Houston Astros

Houston, Texas, USA
Professional Sports
The baseball club was scouting for a robust centralized UPS that was energy-efficient to support its Earth-friendly initiatives, easy to manage and features a compact footprint.
Eaton 9155
The Astros organization discovered grand-slam power protection when it added the Eaton 9155 UPS to its roster.


In prior seasons, the team had fielded several smaller UPS units — a rotation that wasn’t working well for the organization. Although the Astros had been investigating the purchase of a UPS for some time, the club was ultimately forced to make a quick trade when one of its prior units was threatening the ability to maintain continuous uptime.

The 9155 enabled the Astros to centralize power protection into one unit. The centralized solution eased management and maintenance hassles. Plus, the sleek model minimized footprint in their precious data room space. The high efficiency design played perfectly into the Astros' green initiative in addition to lowering their utility costs.

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