Data Foundry

Austin, Texas, USA
Data Centers
The colocation provider`s brand new data center required a solution that could meet its high demands for performance, efficiency, cost and support.
Eaton 9395, ESS, VMMS, Service
Hefty utility savings from high efficiency, paired with exceptional reliability and maintainability, have made the 9395 a perfect fit for the world-class facility.


Building a data center from the ground up was an exciting venture for Data Foundry, which opened the doors to its new Austin based "Texas 1" facility in June 2011. "We designed a world-class facility with demanding requirements for performance, efficiency, costs and support," reveals Ed Henigin, Data Foundry`s CTO. For Data Foundry, unplanned downtime translates to lost customers. "We need to protect our colocation customer-critical IT equipment, along with facility support staff and servers," Henigin explains.

It`s no surprise that Data Foundry selected the 750 kVA Eaton 9395 UPS, considering the unit`s unprecedented combination of power performance, reliability and efficiency. In fact, the 9395 delivers the highest level of reliability and availability on the market — in part due to its inherent redundancy option, which allows the unit to be configured so its uninterruptible power modules (UPMs) automatically act as N+1 redundant systems.

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