Chester County 911

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
The county needed a reliable, compact and expandable power protection solution to safeguard critical communications equipment at its outlying tower locations.
Eaton 9155, Service Plan
With Eaton 9155 units, the Chester County 9-1-1 center gained the reliability it needed to ensure the ongoing safety of citizens.


On a typical day, Chester County’s 9-1-1 Communications Center answers some 900 calls for assistance— amounting to more than 300,000 calls per year. Because lives could potentially be hanging in the balance, it is imperative that Chester County ensure continuous high availability to its critical 9-1-1 equipment, including public safety radio transmitters and receivers; mobile data transmitters and receivers; voice paging equipment; and tower site control computers.

Chester County discovered a real life saver in the Eaton line of UPSs, opting to install 15 kVA 9155 models at each of its 12 radio tower sites. In addition, an Eaton 9170 UPS was deployed at the county’s higher profile tower site, as well as two Powerware 9125 units to safeguard Computer Aided Dispatch Operations. Finally, two Eaton 9390 three-phase UPS units provide backup at the 911 Emergency Call center operations and Emergency Operations center. With the Eaton units in place, Chester County is able to rest assured that its critical 9-1-1 communications will always respond when needed.

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