Black Hawk Police Department

Black Hawk, Colorado, USA
Law Enforcement
The police department’s dispatch center required a highly reliable UPS to ensure its critical operations stay up and running until its generator kicks in.
Eaton 9355, Service, Software
Relying on the Eaton 9355 to protect and serve, Black Hawk PD is able to ensure continue uptime for its dispatch center equipment.


Severe winds that routinely pummel the mountain town of Black Hawk are a constant threat to the police department’s dispatch center, which relies on a variety of computer equipment to remain up and running at all times. “If we lose power, it could disrupt our 911 and dispatch calls,” Morris acknowledges.

Although the facility depends on a generator in the event of an extended power outage, it requires a highly reliable uninterruptible power system (UPS) to provide essential ride-through while the generator powers up.Responding to the call was the Eaton 9355. The unit’s innovative design offers one of the industry's best combinations of high efficiency, low input current distortion and high power factor, which results in exceptional economy, adaptability and power performance.

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