Lake Auburn Ultraviolet Water Treatment Facility

Auburn, Maine, USA
Community Infrastructure
The city required a UPS capable of delivering instant backup power in the event of an outage, to ensure that untreated water does not reach residents.
Eaton 9390
The Eaton 9390 units keep equipment up and running and allow treatment cycles to be completed even during an outage.


Located in Auburn, Maine, the Lake Auburn Ultraviolet Water Treatment Facility ensures the delivery of clean, healthy water to all of its citizens by using ultraviolet reactors. Any disruption in power could spell disaster for the treatment process. The plant sought a new UPS offering zero transfer time in the event of a blackout, as well as a solution that could immediately condition any fluctuation in incoming utility power. Extended runtime was also an important factor, in order to allow the facility to complete treatment cycles in the event of an outage.

Having purchased a trio of 80 kVA units — one for each of its three ultraviolet reactors — the city has gained peace of mind from the 9390’s double-conversion design, which offers the highest level of protection available.

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