Avalon Bay

Arlington, Virginia, USA
Housing Development
After adding new servers to its mission-critical data center, the company was running out of capacity from its existing 9390 UPS.
Eaton 9390 capacity upgrade
A simple firmware upgrade from an Eaton technician bolstered the 40 kVA unit to 60 kVA — without ever taking the equipment offline.


Avalon Bay Communities, Inc., develops. redevelops, acquires and manages high-quality apartment communities in the high barrier-to-entry markets. In 2011, as the company was in the process of upgrading its Virginia data center, the Eaton 9390 UPS tasked with safeguarding the facility’s critical equipment had reached 90 percent capacity, prompting the unit to send overload alarms.

Had Avalon Bay selected a UPS other than the 9390 when it first deployed the unit in April 2008, the company’s capacity challenge would likely have proved both costly and cumbersome. Instead, thanks to the scalability afforded by the Eaton unit, Avalon Bay was able to easily bolster its existing 40 kVA UPS to a 60 kVA capacity — without ever taking its mission-critical equipment offline!

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