Joe Strigle

State College, Penn., USA
Home office
Frequent under-voltage conditions posed a constant threat to a variety of home office equipment.
Eaton 3S
The Eaton 3S keeps electronic equipment protected while ensuring continuous access to data.


Joe Strigle recognizes the importance of ensuring that his home office equipment is properly protected to meet his continuous uptime demands when he works from home and works on his volunteer responsibilites. Strigel recalls the potentially damaging threats to his sensitive equipment having suffered through power quality problems.

Having selected a 750 VA unit, Strigle was able to connect all of his computer equipment, plus a cable modem, router and printer. Strigle was impressed with the Intelligent Power Protector software that comes free of charge with the 3S. In addition to providing the ability to monitor and manage all power devices on the network, the software enables Strigle to program a graceful shutdown of his equipment in the event of an extended outage.

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