LeBlanc's Food Stores

Across Louisiana, USA
The grocery chain needed a reliable, space-saving and cost-effective backup solution for its checkout lanes.
Eaton 3S
The superior warranty and exceptional reliability afforded by the Eaton 3S have made it an ideal choice for the grocery outlet.


With a total of 79 checkout lanes across eight locations throughout Louisiana, LeBlanc's Food Stores needed a reliable, space-conserving solution to deliver backup power and protection to all of its point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The grocery chain looked for another UPS brand after finding itself having to replace UPSs from another manufacturer and having to replace the units on an annual basis.

LeBlanc's has been cashing in on the superior technology of the Eaton 3S UPS. WIth approximately 50 750 kVA units already deployed in its locations, the grocery chain will continue to furnish the checkout lanes with a new 3S as each of the company's previous units fails.

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