LEAGUE – Real estate and investment fund management company

Victoria, Canada
Real Estate/Investment
The company required a UPS that could not only provide high availability to its network infrastructure, but would also be easy to install and manage, and offer scalabiltiy.
Eaton BladeUPS, 9130, Connectivity, Services
The Preassembled BladeUPS fit the bill for the financial firm, delivering uncompromised uptime for its critical equipment, with the ability to grow as needed.


LEAGUE Financial Partners had grown frustrated with the lack of reliability and manageability offered by its existing power protection solution, which consisted of several stand-alone APC units.

The Eaton BladeUPS proved to be right on the money. After deploying the Preassembled BladeUPS to protect the company`s multiple servers, switches, phones, network WIFI devices and networking gear, LEAGUE has also standardized on Eaton units to safeguard its desktops, with approximately a dozen 1500 VA Eaton 9130 units rolled out so far.


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