Eaton Lends Expertise To Green Data Center Builds

As it transformed two facilities into new “green” data centers, the company needed high-density, high-effi ciency and scalable power solutions.

Eaton Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services, Independent Containment System (ICS), Heat Containment System (HCS), Paramount Enclosures, Profile Console and Remote Power Panel

Eaton’s solutions are projected to save the company up to 30 percent on cooling. Additionally, based on CFD data, Harris was able to reduce its CRAH and CRAC distribution profile, leading to additional cost savings.

Harris Government Communications System (GCS), located in Brevard County, Fla., implemented an aggressive plan to renovate its two data centers, Palm Bay Data Center (PDC) and
Wickham Data Center (WDC). The goal of these renovations was to significantly drive down the cost of operations, a challenge that was realized by implementing industry best practices into every facet of the data center designs.

“The green data center initiatives were a component of a broad comprehensive effort to organize and run our data centers at the lowest possible cost,” explains Tom Pietsch, data center operations manager (DCOM) for the two Harris GCS locations. “This took commitment and team work from a spectrum of organizations: EIT Management, Facilities, Integration Engineers, EIT Stakeholders and an array of support personnel. Because cooling is the major cost of running a data center, we were very focused on green data center initiatives.”
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