Senoplast – Plastic manufacturer

Piesendorf, Austria
Machine OEM—Plastics Industry
UPS protection of newly installed server landscape with virtualization and redundancy features
Integration of three Eaton MX5000 devices with Web/SNMP Management Card and external bypass
A UPS solution that can bridge a power failure lasting up to 25 minutes and ensure controlled shutdown of all connected equipment thanks to the Intelligent Power Protector

While many others were still experimenting with harder materials, in 1956 Senoplast founder Wilhelm Klepsch discovered plastic as a promising material for his business plan. An existing “empire” of 37 companies across 16 countries is the rewarding result of his pioneering spirit. Semi-finished plastics have a wide range of possible applications, from bodywork parts for motor vehicles, through cladding for refrigerator doors, to blister packaging for the pharmaceuticals industry, as well as many others. “Our products have the Mercedes image: not altogether cheap, but a leader in the industry,” says Senoplast employee Wilhelm Plaickner.
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