KUVAG – Insulator manufacturer

Neumarkt/Hausruck, Austria
Machine OEM—Plastic Processing
Protection of 3 physical and 12 virtual servers against electrical fluctuations and sudden power outages
The Eaton 9140 UPS with Intelligent Power software, battery expansion module and Web/SNMP interface card
A solution with support for VMware vSphere 5.1, which initiates a fully-automatic safe shutdown of all connected virtual and physical servers in the event of a power outage

KUVAG’s site in Neumarkt am Hausruck is known for its two specialist products—medium and high-voltage insulators—far beyond the Austrian border. More than 70 epoxy-resin batch control recipes are available for the manufacture of these components. Strong electrical fluctuations or power outages could severely disrupt the manufacturing process: “If we didn’t have a UPS, all it would take is a more severe power fluctuation to bring production to a standstill,” explains Jürgen Humberger, IT Manager at KUVAG. And so, after an electronics failure in the old UPS, he immediately ordered a new device from his hardware supplier, it-TREND.
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