Hurricane Electric

Fremont, Calif.
Data center
When expanding its multi-tenant data center, the company needed a UPS offering the highest level of reliability and efficiency, with a low total cost of ownership.
Power Xpert 9395, Energy Saver System (ESS), Service
The Power Xpert 9395 with ESS has exceeded all expectations, providing the highest uptime and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.


Hurricane Electric is a leading colocation provider serving clients with a wide array of technology needs. The data center needed a UPS that could offer outstanding efficiency, a low overall cost of ownership and a small footprint.

Hurricane Electric paired its 9395 units with Eaton Energy Saver System (ESS), which enables the UPS to attain an industry-leading efficiency level of 99 percent, making it the only technology on the market capable of yielding such results.

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