City of Miami Emergency Operations Center

Miami, FL, USA
9-1-1/Emergency Operations
Limited space neces­sitated thoughtful space planning and design to integrate cross-functional city-wide agencies and technology into this compact EOC and Incident Command Center during large scale emergencies.
Profile Consoles and LINX Modular Office Furniture
The 475 sq. ft. EOC and adjoining Incident Command were designed with multi-tier linear Profile consoles along one wall and LINX conference tables in the cen­ter of the rooms.

The Miami Police Department EOC is used during large-scale emergen­cies to coordinate response and recovery actions and monitor resources. Various city-wide agencies use the center to ensure that order and safety are maintained and essential city services can continue during major events such as natural disas­ters (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) or high-profile national and international activities. Limited space neces­sitated thoughtful space planning and command consoles that effectively integrate people and technology in compact quarters.
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