Providence Fire Communications

Providence, RI, USA
9-1-1/Emergency Operations
When communications center renovations were approved, Providence Fire Communications was looking for a 911 dispatch console that provided superior cable management options, height-adjustable workstations and a rugged high-quality product that could withstand the rigors of a 24/7 mission-critical environment.
Profile Consoles, Optimedia Storage Cabinets and Rotary Resource Center
Eaton provided a superior facelift for this 610 sq. ft. communications center. It features four ergonomic dispatch consoles; each outfitted with desktop rackmount radio modules and articulating FPD arms for parabolic viewing of monitors.

The Providence Fire Communications Department coordinates emergency dispatching for all Fire and EMS calls in the city of Providence. When they decided to renovate their communications center, they visited several local centers to evaluate their dispatch furniture. After comparing different products, it was clear that only one com­pany could provide the solu­tion they needed —Eaton.
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