TriRivers Health Partners

Rockford, Illinois
Establish a highly scalable and redundant centralized power system to support critical healthcare IT requirements and electronic health record storage
End-to-end Eaton power quality and distribution equipment, server enclosures with integrated heat containment and Intelligent Power Manager software
Completely redundant power system capable of easy, high-density scalability to meet growing capacity needs, reliable backup power to help maintain 24/7 uptime, unified power system monitoring and management


Located in North Central Illinois, TriRivers is a healthcare information technology (IT) organization jointly sponsored by SwedishAmerican Health System in Rockford, Illinois and  FHN (formerly Freeport Health Network) in Freeport, Illinois.
The collaborative venture provides shared infrastructure and staffing, a regional fiber optic network and collocation data center services to support over 5000 users across more than 50 locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.
The shared data facility also provides organizations with reliable, centralized storage of electronic health records for enhanced patient security, convenience and productivity.
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