Mt. Washington Observatory

Location: Mt. Washington, N.H.
Segment: Weather and research
Challenge: The Mt. Washington Observatory is home to the world’s worst weather, so its power supply and quality is unreliable. It’s also located at the summit of a 6,288-foot mountain, making it difficult to reach in winter.
Solution: Eaton 9355 UPS, service, remote monitoring serviceenvironmental monitoring probe 
Results: By deploying the 9355 UPS, replacing its batteries and implementing a service plan, the Mt. Washington Observatory is able to achieve 100 percent uptime and maintain its 80-year continuous weather history.


The summit of Mt. Washington is prone to direct lightning strikes and experiences ice, snow and hurricane-force wind gusts throughout winter—all of which can knock out electricity. To keep its infrastructure online during switches from line to generator power and protect critical equipment, the Mt. Washington Observatory (MWO) purchased an Eaton 9355 UPS. However, it was time to replace the UPS’s batteries and get it on a service plan.

Brian Tenters, Eaton’s Northeast area supervisor, and Phil Percoski, an Eaton customer service engineer, installed new batteries and removed almost 4,000 pounds of old batteries and no-longer-needed storage cabinets. They also performed preventive maintenance and upgraded MWO to eNotify remote monitoring service. This combination of UPS and service support means that MWO can maintain 100 percent uptime, even in the world’s worst weather.

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