Eaton Prevents Milk Malfunction

Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Data Centre
Power outages were disrupting the operation of a machine used to transform liquid milk into dried milk powder, leading to costly loss of production and wastage of milk concentrate
An integrated and highly efficient Eaton power infrastructure incorporating a double conversion UPS with an external battery cabinet, together with associated low-voltage power distribution systems
Safe and uninterrupted production, even during power outages. Also, the combined energy savings and production mean that the new equipment is expected to pay for itself in less than three years.

Since the new power infrastructure was installed and commissioned, the milk drying installation at the Vinnitsa milk processing factory, which produces more than 2.5 tonnes of dried milk powder per hour, has continued to experience frequent outages of the mains electricity supply. In every case, the new equipment has performed faultlessly, and production has continued without interruption.
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