Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Location: Thornton, Colo.
Segment: P–12 Education
Challenge: As part of a network upgrade aimed at enhancing the learning process and complying with New Online Testing requirements, the district needed a robust, highly reliable power protection solution.
Solution: 9PX, 9130,  93PM with ESS, Intelligent Power Manager, Network-MS Cards, ePDUs, Environmental Monitoring Probe
Results: Since deploying a comprehensive Eaton solution consisting of more than 120 UPSs, power management software and other power quality tools, Adams 12’s network is thriving, which in turn enables students to be highly engaged.

“We have moved from an era where it was nice just to have a  network to rely on,  to one in which the  network sustains  education . . . The  resilience we used to have only in our data center we now have  in all of our schools.” Director of academic computing, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
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