Eaton enables always-on operations for 100 percent renewable power data center

Keflavik, Iceland

Establish a fully redundant, highly energy-efficient backup power system to support always-on data center operations within a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure running entirely on renewable power

Eaton onsite engineering support and expertise in critical power system design, Power Xpert™ 9395, Power Xpert 9395P, 9390 and 93PM backup power systems equipped with the Energy Saver System (ESS)

A comprehensive and highly scalable backup power system supporting a 100 percent uptime guarantee with the ability to lower energy costs, maintain industry-leading levels of power usage efficiency and support an industry-leading commitment to data center sustainability

Verne Global owns and operates a 44-acre data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland. The strategic location provides availability to the world’s two largest data center markets, Europe and North America, while also addressing some of the most critical challenges facing today’s data center landscape. Most remarkably, the site offers access to both geothermal and hydroelectric energy resources,  enabling a data center capable of running on 100 percent renewable power. Additionally, the ideal climate of the location translates into year-round free cooling capabilities.
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