Compact IT Gives Remote Communities Round-The-Clock Confidence

Location: Christchurch, NZ and Papa New Guinea
Segment: Industrial, Outdoors & Services

A leading not-for-profit organisation in New Zealand provides emergency relief and support to the Pacific Islands through first aid, communication and disaster preparedness training. When disaster strikes, its emergency response unit can be deployed to provide
IT and Communications support services on the ground.

However, these technical experts are also working to build technology capability and train their Pacific Island neighbours on how to use technology and conduct basic maintenance and repairs.
Working in partnership with ServerWorks, a Christchurch based IT services company, the not-for-profit organisation was able to design a compact IT solution to give remote communities round-the-clock confidence.


A complete, compact and durable solution

ServerWorks designed a telecommunications system called Zero Local Touch (ZLT) – a compact IT solution that holds everything from power redundancy and networking, to cyber security and much more. The system can be easily deployed across the not-for-profit organisation’s Pacific Island network, allowing devices to stay connected wirelessly or via cable and keep communications alive during disaster recovery.
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