Eaton Products for the Nutanix Platform

Eaton Products for the Nutanix Platform

Whether it’s the entire data center, a network closet or a remote office Nutanix deployment, Eaton helps maximize the value of your investment by offering a fully integrated, scalable line of products that simplify power complexity and increase availability. As a Nutanix validated partner, our complete range of data infrastructure solutions includes power protection, rack power distribution, rack enclosures, cable management and award-winning software.

To ensure a reliable, efficient and safe environment, remember organize, protect and manage.

IT Organization


Keep your equipment safe and secure and improve airflow to it. Clear the rack area of cluttered network cables. Effectively distribute power throughout the rack. These Nutanix-validated products will help:

  • Eaton S-series enclosure – turnkey enclosure to store, cool and power your Nutanix environment. Eaton's enclosures and accessories provide cost effective solutions for just about any data center application. They come in a variety of sizes and feature a full portfolio of cable management accessories.
  • Airflow management – contain airflow and extract it directly back to the CRAC with our patented off-set Heat Containment System (HCS) or straight Telescopic Chimney (TC). Use airflow managers for switches and network devices, as well as blanking panels to ensure an effective rack hygiene methodology.
  • Rack power distribution – efficiently distributes power throughout the rack. Eaton’s best-in-class line of Basic, Metered and Managed models offer a variety of capabilities to fulfill IT requirements in any application.
Nutanix Platform Power Protection


Provide safe and clean power to IT equipment during power outages, surges and voltage problems while maintaining service level agreements. These Nutanix-validated products will help:

Nutanix Platform Power Management


View, monitor and manage your power network and all equipment attached to it from your remote/virtual machine console. Receive instant access to alerts. Initiate a virtual machine (VM) move or graceful shutdown in the event of an extended outage.

A Nutanix-validated and compatible software offering that includes more real integration points than any other virtualized power management software, Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager can also:

  • Remotely monitor, manage and control power devices in your physical or virtual environment
  • Increase system uptime while extending battery runtime through workload management (load shedding)
  • Help avoid data loss and ensure data integrity at all times through automated VM migration capabilities amongst Nutanix hosts based on environmental anomalies within your application
  • Gracefully shutdown and restart hosts as required.
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