Eaton & Simplivity

Eaton infrastructure solutions for SimpliVity

Eaton provides lab-validated power management solutions in collaboration with SimpliVity, including enclosures, power distribution units (PDUs), uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software.

IPM’s integration into VMware vCenter directly alongside SimpliVity’s management plug-in enables simultaneous monitoring and management of your SimpliVity environment. Currently, Eaton is the only validated hyper-converged power vendor.

Eaton and Simplivity

Eaton and SimpliVity

As a validated alliance partner, Eaton enhances SimpliVity’s OmniCube and OmniStack solutions by providing a fully-integrated, scalable infrastructure that simplifies power management through direct hypervisor integration. It also means that with Eaton’s help you’re able to take action during environmental anomalies to protect the integrity of your stack.


Eaton’s lab-validated integration with SimpliVity provides peace of mind through simultaneous integration within the VMware vCenter dashboard. This allows you to:

  • Enhance business continuity through virtual machine (VM) migration and consolidation
  • Extend host and critical VM availability through load shedding
  • Conduct host shutdown and restart based on environmental anomalies
  • Boost overall stack efficiency and power consumption reduction

Joint solution

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