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VMware and IPM Infrastructure Management

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) integrates with VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager and vCenter dashboard letting you manage power to your virtualized environment. IPM simplifies power management across the network through a single, web-based interface, giving you up-to-the-minute information of the status of power in your network.

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IPM allows you to view and monitor your power network and all equipment attached to it from your vCenter dashboard and vRealize Operations management platform. You can receive instant access to alerts, initiate a virtual machine move or perform a graceful shutdown in the event of an extended outage. With IPM integration, you can remotely monitor and manage Eaton’s broad range of UPSs and rack PDUs from your vCenter dashboard or vRealize Operations management platform including:

  • ePDU G3 – Third-generation rack mounted power distribution units that offer best-in-class features designed to meet your specific IT needs. IPM integration allows you to measure power consumption and remotely control individual outlets.
  • 9PX UPS – Supplies more real power (watts) to protect more equipment and leave room for expanding IT systems. IPM integration provides continuous uptime of servers and virtual machines and remote management.
  • Automatic transfer switch – Provides power redundancy to equipment with a single power supply and transfers between sources with no interruption. IPM facilitates remote monitoring capabilities to help keep mission critical applications running.
  • Environmental monitoring probe – Collect temperature and humidity readings in the rack environment and remotely monitor the data from your vCenter dashboard via IPM.
IPM software

IPM software

Eaton offers two licenses of IPM software based upon an increasing level of capabilities and the number of licensed nodes. (One licensed node is defined as a UPS, rack PDU or IPM instance):

  • IPM Silver license:
    • Supports up to 100 licensed nodes
  • IPM Gold license:
    • Supports over 100 licensed nodes
    • Allows action on competitor UPSs
  • Eaton Infrastructure Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations Manager:
    • This plug-in allows you to use Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) with VMware vRealize Operations Manager to manage the health, risk and efficiency of power and environmental devices.
Software-as-a-service installation offering

Software-as-a-service installation offering

Eaton’s IPM installation service is available as a one or two-day onsite service. A certified Eaton technician coordinates and delivers the required configuration and ensures IPM is properly installed, tested and deployed.

The technician also provides consultation services around best practices and optimal software configurations related to VMware. This installation service not only helps you save time, but also provides peace of mind from knowing Eaton has properly installed IPM based on your specific requirements.

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