Always-on infrastructure for education providers

Always-on infrastructure for education providers

The ongoing shift in how technology is used in classrooms is creating new challenges for IT administrators where data access and network connectivity are concerned. Put simply: downtime just isn’t an option. That’s where Eaton comes in. We provide reliable, efficient and safe power management products that help you do more with less.

Here’s a snapshot of how we can help.

Expanded mobility and access in classrooms
With a variety of devices being used to connect and the emergence of flipped classrooms, 24/7 availability is tablestakes. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software integrates into leading hypervisors to initiate virtual machine migration, maximizing availability and access to required programs.

Higher quality instruction at reduced costs
Your budgets are likely strained, pushing you to do more with less. Our focus is on simplifying deployment and reducing total cost of ownership to maximize your IT budget.

Increased network safety and security in classrooms
Maintaining communications at all times is critical. Our industry-leading power management portfolio provides maximum reliability and uptime—cameras and security storage stay online and conditioned power keeps communication and public address systems in operation for educators.

Enhanced communication capabilities
Educators using digitized testing and blended learning require 100 percent uptime, which means you need an “always on” strategy. Our virtualized integration and power capping management ensure the most critical applications are kept online during extended power issues.