Take full advantage and power your business growth

Take full advantage and power your business growth.

PowerAdvantage Partner logoWelcome to the Eaton Power Advantage Partner program!

Every day, you empower your customers to keep their business running. This is why we have developed a partner program to help you do this more quickly, easily and profitably.

Partnering with Eaton means leveraging innovative products and getting practical support through the sales cycle to help you build and strengthen your power management business and expand your market footprint.

Here is how:

Powering your expertise

Powering your expertise

With the Eaton PAP Program you earn more as you learn more. Eaton offers you a complete array of service and solution courses, modules, and Power Advantage Academy tutorials to maximize your knowledge, your customer service capabilities, and your sales potential.

Powering your demand creation

Powering your demand creation

Providing a broad spectrum of content for demand generation activities, the partner program provides everything you need to market, promote and grow your Eaton power management business.

Powering your margins

Powering your margins

As a partner you will not just benefit from Eaton´s market-leading positioning and products: we’re also committed to making sure you get even greater margins through our Deal Registration and MDF (Marketing Development Fund) Programs. *

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So, get started now. Register by filling in our online registration form and start using our programs which help you increase your revenues and margins and offer your customers the best service and support with Eaton.

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All applications are reviewed by a local sales representative. After validation, the applicant becomes a registered partner and can start enjoying the benefits of the programme.

* Depending on a partnership level