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Date: 5 February 2019

Eaton Announces New Outdoor Power and Equipment Cabinet ExoCab18-Macro100

The cabinet is specially designed to withstand Australia’s most harsh and hot environments

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Power management company Eaton today announced the arrival of its latest outdoor power and equipment cabinet designed to house telecommunications and IT equipment in harsh environmental outdoor conditions.

The Eaton ExoCab18-Macro 100 cabinet unit is a complete back-up power system with environmental control. Typical applications include 4G and 5G telecom network base stations, road traffic management electronics, railway signaling systems, and other forms of critical radio and IT infrastructure.

“With Australia’s temperatures reaching record levels, thermal management for housing outdoor power and equipment is top of mind,” said Darren Salter, Eaton’s Telecom Solutions Manager.

“The cabinet employs a fan speed controller to manage internal and external air flows and a battery compartment which includes a DC powered thermoelectric cooler, to pull the internal battery compartment temperature below ambient if needed. The system can be used by mining, water treatment and electrical utilities to house and support communications and control networks that are critical to those industries.”

DC powered fans circulate internal air to the heat exchanger to ensure no hotspots and best cooling efficiency. The DC powered fans are speed controlled to minimise energy consumption and noise output. The cabinet also includes external solar shields that help reduce the heating effect from the sun.

The ExoCab18-Macro100 is now available in Australia for rapid deployment.

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