Eaton Services - Technical Support Help Desk

Single-phase Products up to 6kVA

Our Help Desk is available to answer your questions on Single-phase UPSs (through 6kVA) and software products purchased for use with your UPS.

Three-phase products and Single-phase greater than 6kVA

Our Help Desk is also available to answer your questions on Three-phase UPSs (from 6kVA). If we are unable to resolve the situation, our Response Centre will arrange for a Service Technician to come to the Customer site to perform the services required to return your UPS to peak performance.

You can reach us by calling 1300-303-059 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Australian Time on business days, or via e-mail at or please select your problem/enquiry type below and fill in the subsequent form for next business day response.