Eaton ESF801-TN-E Technical Specifications

Eaton ESF801-TN-E
Location Category Internal mounting location only. Must be installed within a suitable enclosed space, allowing for cooling airflow
Dimensions - Including hinges (H x W x D, mm) 520 x 240 x 220
Weight (kg) 6
Warranty 5 years, workmanship and materials
Installation instructions Supplied with unit
Input voltage (Uc) 220 – 250VAC
Max Continuous Voltage (Mcov) 320VAC L-N
Service type TN-S, TN C-S SYSTEMS
Nominal discharge current Class II In L-N 50kA, N-E 50 kA
Current rating – continuous 50, 63 or 80A
Recommended maximum over current protection HRC gL fuse rated according to the unit’s rating
Residual current <10 mA
Short circuit withstand (1 sec) 29kA
Primary protection modes Line-Neutral, Neutral-Earth
In 8/20us (Line-Neutral or Line-Earth) 50kA
In 8/20us (Neutral-Earth) 50kA
Ismax 8/20us ( Line – Neutral ) 100kA
Nominal surge lifetime 15 hits @ 50kA (8/20uS, each mode)
Filter attenuation 48dB nominal above 1MHz
Initial clamp voltage (Line-Neutral) 510V
Initial clamp voltage (Neutral-Earth) 255V
Residual voltage (Vpl) Line-Neutral <600V (3kA, 8/20uS)
Residual voltage (Vpl) Neutral-Earth <1000V (3kA, 8/20uS)
Residual voltage (Vpl) Line-Neutral <800V (50kA, 8/20uS)
Residual voltage (Vpl) Neutral-Earth <1100V (50kA, 8/20uS)
Internal protection (fusing) All surge diverter elements are thermally fused
External disconnector requirements Line side: 1 or 3 pole, HRC gL fuse, 500v, 50KAIC
Load side: 10kAIC or better MCB
Terminations Bolted lug. 8mm bolts for phase and neutral connections. 6mm PE (earth) stud provided on gear tray. All connections identified on unit.
Thermal dissipation Max 200W @ full load, 3 phase, 80A model
Alarms/indicatorsIncludes status indicators, dry contact alarm relay output (normally-closed with power applied and all SPD’s at 100% capacity). Contact rating 250Vac/32Vdc, 5A, alarm under-voltage cut off 180Vac.
Environmental & Standards
Enclosure rating IP42
Standards. Designed in accordance with : IEC61643-1:2005, IEC610006-1,2,3,4 ANSI/IEEE C62.41, AS/NZS1768, AS/NZS3000:2007, AS3100
Environment -10 to 65°C, 10 to 90%RH (non-condensing)
Specifications are subject to change without notice