Floor-based Power Distribution

Eaton Power Distribution rack product photo
Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR)
The new Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) from our Powerware series offers a space-saving power distribution option for your data center.
Eaton BladeUPS PDU with Maintenance Bypass
Eaton combines step-down transformation, power distribution and maintenance bypass into a single cabinet—the perfect compliment to a 60 kVA Eaton BladeUPS system.
Powerware Power Distribution Unit photo
Eaton Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Delivering flexibility and simplifying power quality and backup power management, our power distribution solutions enable you to easily deliver power from your ups power supply wherever you need it.
Remote Power Panel product photo
Eaton Remote Power Panel (RPP)
The small compact design of our remote power panel offers a customizable scalable solution for expanding your data center power distribution efficiently and cost-effectively.
Eaton Static Transfer Switches product photo
Eaton Static Transfer Switch (STS)
Eaton Static Transfer Switches are designed to enhance our line of advanced backup power management solutions, adding an increased level of power quality, flexibility, availability and reliability to create the best UPS power protection infrastructure.
EMS upgrade kit product photo
Energy Management System (EMS) Upgrade Kit
The EMS has always integrated with Eaton’s latest generation of power distribution panelboards, power distribution units and remote power panels. Now an Eaton Energy Management System Upgrade Kit is available to extend these branch circuit monitoring capabilities to existing equipment, regardless of manufacturer.