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Training Department

Eaton Power Quality Company Training department is located in our Toronto facility. Our training staff is responsible to ensure all FSR training is maintained and constantly updated. Our staff train both internal and external customers.

Eaton has an embedded base of service personnel that are dedicated to provide training on integration, installation and operation of all UPS modules.

Where appropriate we will make the correct investment of equipment and resources to continually position ourselves to better support our customer requirements.

Cross Training

Eaton has a very aggressive cross training program. Our goal is to ensure that all technicians receive either OEM or Eaton developed training courses in the full range of products that we support.

Training Facility

The Training Facilities, located in Toronto is equipped with classrooms, offices and test facilities. The combination of classroom and test allows a proper mixture of theory versus hands on. Hands on training is a vital part of the education process.

Technician training is provided through formal OEM training programs, and Eaton developed training programs.

Test Facilities

Our test facility houses 1.2 mega watts of power, with 1.0 mega watt load bank. The test facility allows the proper hands on to each and every product that we train on.

Training Equipment

We have stock of most of the units we support and utilize these for the direct hands on portion of our training.

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