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Date: 18 September 2017

Eaton Optimizes 93PS UPS Range for Low Power

8 and 10kW models offer premium features in compact and lower-rated versions for server rooms and mission critical IT applications

ESPOO, Finland … Eaton today announced it is optimizing its range of 93PS Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for lower power ratings of 8 and 10 kW. The Eaton 93PS is the most advanced three-phase UPS and is designed to provide high availability and low costs of ownership for server rooms and mission critical IT applications, such as hospitals, commercial buildings and manufacturing equipment. Enhancing the range for lower power ratings enables IT professionals to select the optimum UPS for their needs, either in a modular or monoblock version. This helps to reduce equipment and energy costs and enables a more flexible approach to system management. The new models will be available from the end of Q3 2017.

The UPS market is increasingly cost-conscious, yet when it comes to lower power needs, customers have typically had to pay more for higher power-rated models to get the features and availability performance required. The 93PS has been introduced in response to industry demands for sophisticated UPS features that are optimized for lower power needs. Eaton’s new 93PS range introduces units with the same technical specifications as higher power-rated models but at more affordable price points.

The new models are optimized for lower power and available in a monoblock design that offers the smallest footprint in its class. The 93PS range features Eaton’s market-leading technologies to enable the lowest total cost of ownership. The 93PS has efficiency levels above 96% and has a payback time of less than 1.5 years compared to other less efficient models. Furthermore, using Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS), which is the fastest-reacting energy saver architecture available, the 93PS range can reach up to 99% efficiency, enabling even higher energy savings and lower total cost of ownership.

“Professionals running lower power applications have typically had to manage with either outdated technology or pay a premium for UPSs that go way beyond their power needs,” said Teppo Henttonen, Marketing Manager, Critical Power Solutions, at Eaton. “Customers need solutions that match exactly their requirements, helping them to manage costs, while still providing the features and functionality that they get with premium models.”

The 93PS range includes several features that are unique to Eaton and designed to provide the highest possible availability for critical infrastructure. These include: Hot Sync, Eaton’s patented technology for load sharing between UPSs, which eliminates any single point of failure in a parallel operating UPS system; and Advanced Battery Management (ABM), which enables intelligent charging and extends the lifetime of the batteries. The Eaton 93PS also includes features to ensure safe installation and use, thanks to pre-designed, pre-tested and pre-installed integrated safety components, such as the backfeed protection and ultra-rapid fuses in the static switch.

The new models also support Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software, which is an ideal fit for smaller data centers especially because of its ability to integrate with existing systems and to automate power management functions. Eaton’s IPM enables a data center or IT manager to monitor and manage the UPS as an integral part of the power and IT infrastructure, through a single pane of glass. The web-based interface allows monitoring of multiple UPSs and other power equipment. In virtualized data centers, the IPM can be linked to existing virtualization management systems, and allows users to easily configure policy-based automation for power events, such as load shedding or controlled shut down.

The 93PS range will include 8 and 10kW versions, with or without internal batteries, and external battery cabinets.

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