Power Xpert 9395P

Introducing the new Power Xpert 9395P

More reliable, more cost-effective, clean power

Improving on the best

The Power Xpert 9395P brings more power and efficiency to deliver even better value. Learn more >

Technologies of Success

The 9395P is available with a range of technologies to reduce your TCO and improve system resiliency.
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Globally accepted, globally proven

The 9395 UPS is a proven concept and now delivers 5GVA of power worldwide. Learn more >

The energy to innovate

As the latest in our long line of market-leading, technologically advanced power quality solutions, the Power Xpert 9395P UPS builds on our heritage, experience and expertise, bringing you our most improved and advanced 400V three-phase UPS in EMEA.

More choice, more solutions

The Power Xpert 9395P UPS extends our range of high-efficiency UPS solutions to help us provide highly reliable, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive UPSs. Along with our 93PM, our high efficiency range extends from 30kW to a maximum of 7700kW.

The service behind the solution

The Power Xpert 9395P is proudly manufactured at our site in Finland which means we can offer high levels of support and our project team can work with you to design the 9395P to meet your exact requirements.