Backup Power (UPS)

Eaton is a leading provider of quality backup power UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply. Eaton UPSs are designed to deliver high quality backup power from desktop PCs to large data centers.

To help you find the right solution, we organize our backup power offering into four categories: PC, Workstation & Home AV UPS, Network & Server UPS, Data Center & Facility UPS and Marine & Offshore UPS.

Network & Server UPS

Find the best Eaton backup power UPS for use with rack servers, data storage, storage systems, VoIP equipment, network equipment and other critical devices.

Data Center & Facility UPS

Find the best Eaton UPS for clean, uninterrupted power and scalable battery runtimes for large data centers, facilities, electrical engineering infrastructure and other critical IT applications.

Industrial UPS

Find the best Eaton UPS for industrial applications.