ATS16 Netpack
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Eaton ATS 16 & ATS 30

The Eaton ATS offers an affordable solution for customers willing to add power redundancy to networking equipment like switches and routers. This automatic transfer switch will power them from 2 different sources. Should one power source fail, the alternate one will switch over with no interruption to the connected equipment. Eaton ATS can be connected to multiple devices at the same time while saving the cost of expensive redundant power supplies.

Eaton ATS 16 & ATS 30 – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Frequency 50Hz
Nominal current 16A – 30A
ATS Model
Part Number Style Number Nominal current Input Plug Outputs
Usually in stock
EATS16 EATS16 16A (2) C20 (8) C13, (1) C19
EATS16N EATS16N 16A (2) C20 (8) C13, (1) C19
EATS30N EATS30N 30A Hardwired Hardwired

Eaton ATS 16 & ATS 30 – Features

  • Provides power redundancy to IT equipment
  • Alternative to expensive redundant power supplies available from networking equipment vendors
  • Compact, 1U rack form factor
  • Seamlessly switches from one power source to the other
  • Network management on ATS 30 and ATS 16 Netpack versions
  • LCD with metering and basic configuration capabilities

Eaton ATS 16 & ATS 30 – Documentation

Power Infrastructure solutions and products catalogue
7828 kB
Eaton ATS Datasheet
296 kB
EATON ATS 16 - Installation and user manual
5457 kB
EATON ATS 30 - Installation and user manual
4572 kB
SNMP IPv6 for ATS manual
1193 kB
Eaton-ATS2 MIB
24 kB

Eaton ATS 16 & ATS 30 – Service & Support

For technical support please contact your local Eaton office.

Eaton ATS Firmware Updates & Configuration
Upgrade your Eaton ATS with the latest firmware updates & configuration.
Download ATS Firmware Updates & configuration

Eaton ATS - Services

Service Plans for ATS
Description Warranty+1 Warranty+3 Extend
Warranty coverage for 1 additional year (renewable)     Tick
Standard Product Warranty extended of 1 additional year Tick    
Standard Product Warranty extended of 3 additional years   Tick  
Standard exchange on site Tick Tick Tick
Covers both electronic parts and batteries Tick Tick Tick
Service Plans
Reference Description Warranty+1 Warranty+3 Extend
EATS16 Eaton ATS 16 W1004 W3004 68600
EATS16N Eaton ATS 16A Netpack W1004 W3004 68600
EATS30N Eaton ATS 30A Netpack W1004 W3004 68602