Intelligent Power Manager Infrastructure

The new approach to Data Centre Service Optimization (DCSO)

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) Infrastructure allows operators of IT rooms and data centres to understand and monitor data centre power, environmental and physical capacity metrics, all within the context of their IT infrastructure quickly and easily. Using this information, IT managers can then plan changes, anticipate challenges and make intelligent management decisions to optimise efficiency and ensure business continuity.

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IPM Infrastructure – Features & benefits:

Embedded within an Eaton Intelligent Power Controller, the new IPM Infrastructure software provides data center managers with an easy to use and simple to deploy infrastructure monitoring solution. From the rack view to the data center dashboard, IPM Infrastructure allows IT professionals to understand and monitor data center power, environmental and physical capacity metrics, all within the context of their IT infrastructure. With the flexibility of the 42ITy™ Open Source data center monitoring software stack, Eaton IPM Infrastructure simplifies complexity of multilayered software-defined data centres.

  • Intuitive, drill down interface. Easily understand physical infrastructure constraints within the context of IT infrastructure
  • Simplified capacity management. See and understand the physical infrastructure’s available capacity at a glance. Space, power and environmental metrics provide essential information for ensuring business continuity and maximizing IT device operating lifetimes
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical trending analysis. Real-time device monitoring provides instantaneous visibility of the state of your physical infrastructure and its constraints.
  • Trends and evolution. Key power and environmental data is conveniently stored, and converted into easy to use in-application trend indicators and graphs. This means you can better understand how your data center capacity is evolving over time.
  • Load balancing. The solution makes it possible to automatically track power draw from the UPS through the rack power distribution helping ensure that the load is equally distributed across all phases.

IPM Infrastructure – Technical Specs

Intelligent Power Controller 3000
Processing and storage characteristics
CPU 1GHz Dual Core ARM processor
Boot Flash storage 128 MB
Mass storage 4 GB SD Card
Power connections
Input 2 x IEC C14 redundant power connectors
Cables 2 x 2m C13 – C14 power cables included
Communication connectors
Ethernet ports 2 x front facing RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet for redundant monitoring network connectivity
1 x rear facing RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet for rack PDU data aggregation
USB ports 4 x USB ports, including 1 x powered 5V/2A
RJ45 Serial ports 4 x RS232 T&H ports with EMP001 auto configuration capability
8 x RS232 serial ports for future monitoring probe aggregation or device monitoring
4 x RS232 / RS485 software selectable serial ports for select 3rd party Modbus T&H sensors
Service console port 1 x DB9 serial service port
Dry contact 10 x dry contact terminals for dry contact sensors
Relays 5 x output relays, 12V
Indicators / Display
LED indicators 2 x Power Feed Status LEDs, 1 x Network Status LED, 1 x Device Power Status LED, 1 x Service Status LED, 1 x Heart Beat LED
Display 1 x Monochrome LCD
Dimensions H x W x D / Weight
IPC3000 dimensions 42 x 300 x 211 mm
IPC3000 weight 2.2 kg / 4 lbs
Housing Rack mount; 1U, ½ width
Operating Conditions, standard and approvals
Operating temperature Maximum 50° C continuous, for indoor operation only
Operating humidity Maximum 90%
Noise level Fanless
Safety Approvals CE ; cTUVus
Open REST API HTTP/HTTPS RESTful API for integration with 3rd party applications
Supported network protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, DHCP, DNS, SSH
Graphical User Interface
Browser support Desktop: Most recent versions of modern web browsers including MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Mobile: Most recent versions of modern mobile web browsers
Technology Fully responsive, HTML 5 & AngularJS client application
Customer Service and Support
Hardware warranty 2 Years
Software Free 1 Year IPM Infrastructure Software Subscription included

IPM Infrastructure – Accessories

Product Code Description Image
EMP001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
DCS001 Door contact sensor
WLD012 Water leak detector
VIB001 Vibration detector
M12 Smoke detector
XCELW PIR motion detector

IPM Infrastructure Accessories

Eaton ePDU G3 Managed and Metered Outlet rack power distribution devices ideally complement IPM Infrastructure by providing outlet level metering with IEC Class 1 (±1%) billing grade accuracy along with outlet level switching capabilities for lights out control on the managed models.
G3 0U Managed
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMAB03 EMAB03 MA C14 (16) C13
EMAB22 EMAB22 MA C20 (20) C13, (4) C19
EMAB04 EMAB04 MA 309-16A (20) C13, (4) C19
EMAB05 EMAB05 MA 309-32A (20) C13, (4) C19
EMAB71 EMAB71 MA 309-32A (28) C13, (4) C19
EMAB20 EMAB20 MA 309-16A 3Ph (21) C13, (3) C19
EMAB33 EMAB33 MA 309-32A 3Ph (21) C13, (3) C19
EMAB12 EMAB12 MA 309-32A 3Ph (12) C13, (12) C19
G3 1U Managed
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMAH28 EMAH28 MA C20 (8) C13
G3 2U Managed
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMAH06 EMAH06 MA 309-32A (12) C13, (4) C19
G3 0U Metered Outlet
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMOB03 EMOB03 MO C14 (16) C13
EMOB04 EMOB04 MO 309-16A (20) C13, (4) C19
EMOB22 EMOB22 MO C20 (20) C13, (4) C19
EMOB05 EMOB05 MO 309-32A (20) C13, (4) C19
EMOB71 EMOB71 MO 309-32A (28) C13, (4) C19
EMOB20 EMOB20 MO 309-16A 3Ph (21) C13, (3) C19
EMOB33 EMOB33 MO 309-32A 3Ph (18) C13, (6) C19
G3 1U Metered Outlet
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMOH28 EMOH28 MO   (8) C13
G3 2U Metered Outlet
Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Outlets
EMOH84 EMOH84 MO   (16) C13

IPM Infrastructure – Documentation

Eaton Intelligent Power Manager Infrastructure Brochure
2066 kB
Power Infrastructure solutions and products catalogue
7828 kB
Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) Infrastructure User Guide
4809 kB
Eaton Intelligent Power Controller 3000 Installation and Connectivity Quick Start
2366 kB
Eaton provides Webaxys’ new eco-designed data center with a complete energy storage and management system
88 kB
IPM Infrastructure 1.2.0 Technical FAQ
55 kB
Release Notes IPM Infrastructure IPC3000 FW v1-2-0
1 kB
IPM Infrastructure PC3000 Version 1-3-0 Installation Instructions
2 kB
Eaton Intelligent Power Controller 3000 Safety Warnings
682 kB

IPM Infrastructure – Downloads

IPM Infrastructure Software Update
Download Description Official 1.3.0 software upgrade for IPC3000 devices. Upgrade your IPM Infrastructure product to the get the latest features.
ReleaseNotes_IPM_Infra_IPC3000_FW_v1-2-0.txt RELEASE NOTES Version: 1.2.0
Changes since version 1.0.0
IPM_Infra_IPC3000_Version_1-3-0_Installation.txt PLEASE READ: IPM Infrastructure Version 1.3.0 Installation instructions

IPM Infrastructure – Service & Support

For technical support please contact your local Eaton office.