UPS Service Plans

Whether you purchased a plug & play or hardwired UPS, proper servicing is critical in ensuring optimal performance from your UPS while minimising the risk of downtime. Choose a proper service for your UPS and enjoy your piece of mind for many years.

Plug & Play UPS products

For plug & play UPSs Eaton offers a full range of distributed service packs to optimise your UPS performances and enhance the availability of your equipment while meeting your financial constraints and technical requirements.

Hardwired UPS products

For hardwired UPSs Eaton offers an extended warranty as well as three distinct service plans to match different types of maintenance needs and budgets.

Customisable UPS services

If you feel your service pack requires enhancement to comply with your needs, or you need a one-off service to solve a particular problem, you can choose individual services for a small fee.

Eaton EnergyAware solution

Eaton EnergyAware solution enables data centers to contribute to renewable energy and earn from investments.