Customisable UPS Services

If you need a one-off service to solve a particular problem, you can choose individual services for a small fee.

Below is a brief list of what we have to offer. Your Eaton representative will be delighted to tell you more.

  • Site inspections - consultative service that aims at securing the best possible operational environment for your UPS system to ensure its fault-free operation.
  • Installation - Eaton service engineers can help you set up and configure your entire UPS system, including its connections to your monitoring system and, if desired, to Eaton SmartQmmunicator remote monitoring system.
  • Commissioning - Our service engineers help you start up your UPS system and make sure it works as intended, performing all necessary checks before turning the system over to you.
  • Preventive maintenance - Equipment cleaning, inspection of installation and operation environment, mechanical inspection, measurements and adjustments, battery condition check, system check, event log analysis and necessary action, eventual repairs. Usually performed once a year, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Reports - After each maintenance visit, whether regular or emergency, you will receive a full written report on the fault and steps undertaken to repair it.
  • Power quality analysis - As time goes by, the loads on both your UPS system and the mains may change. Eaton service engineers can analyse the quality of the power being fed to your equipment and suggest remedies if necessary.
  • Battery analysis and replacement - Only rigorously tested, high-quality batteries are used in Eaton UPSs. Battery life is optimised through our ABM battery charging method. Eaton service engineers will keep your batteries as good as new, changing them when necessary and disposing of the old batteries in an environmentally sound fashion. When the batteries are changed, all cabling will also be replaced to prevent problems through oxidisation. Finally, the battery system is tested under normal operating conditions.
  • System upgrades - during maintenance visits, our service engineers will analyse the load and performance of your UPS system and, if necessary, suggest changes to accommodate new needs. You will never find yourself running an obsolete or undersized system.
  • Spare parts - entering an Eaton service agreement will guarantee you the use of only the best quality, factory-approved spare parts. Authorised Eaton service representatives stock the most often needed spares, and their stocks are quickly replenished from Eaton's strategically located regional logistics centres.
  • Eaton SmartQmmunicator - your UPSs can be linked directly to Eaton's Service Centre through the internet. Remote monitoring software residing on Eaton's computers will keep an eye on your UPS status, sounding an alarm immediately if its monitored parameters are out of the ordinary. The remote monitoring system can only link into your UPS system, it has absolutely no access to your business data. Alarms received through SmartQmmunicator will be relayed by mobile phone to Eaton's duty engineer who will take action immediately.

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