This distributed service pack gives you a possibility to purchase a technician intervention for a UPS commissioning or a preventive maintenance visit. You will also take advantage of a professional help-line who will grant you support and the possibility to book intervention dates. Intervention service can be bought from Eaton resellers anytime during the life of your UPS. This offer is not intended to be used as a repair service in case of UPS failure.

You can contact the call centre of your country, indicating three dates when Eaton could carry out the work. Eaton Helpdesk will arrange together with yourself the date of the intervention.

  • Technician intervention
  • Safe use of your UPS
  • Commissioning / Preventive maintenance report
  • Professional Help-line
Web Reference (@) Reference Description Products
INT001WEB INT001 Intervention Product Line A Eaton EX 2200/3000 RT
Eaton 9PX 2200/3000
Eaton 5PX 2200/3000
Eaton 9SX 2000/3000
Eaton 9130 2/3 kVA
Eaton MX 4/5 kVA
Eaton 9130 5/6 kVA
Eaton 9135 5/6 kVA
Eaton 9PX/9SX 5/6 kVA
INT002WEB INT002 Intervention Product Line B Eaton 9140 7500
Eaton EX RT 7000/11000
Eaton 9140 10000
Eaton 9PX 3:1 6000i / 8000i / 11000i
Eaton 9PX/9SX 8000/11000
Eaton 9PX 10/12 kVA
Eaton 9155 8/10 kVA
Eaton 9355 8/10 kVA
Eaton 93PS 8/10 kVA
Eaton E Series DX 10 kVA
Eaton 9155 12/15 kVA
Eaton 9355 12/15 kVA
Eaton MX Frame 15/20 kVA
Eaton 93E 15/20 kVA
Eaton 93PS 15/20 kVA
Eaton 9E 15/20 kVA
INT003WEB INT003 Intervention Product Line C Eaton 9PX 16/22 kVA
Eaton 9155 20/30 kVA
Eaton 9355 20/30 kVA
Eaton 93E 30kVA
Eaton 93E 40 kVA
Eaton 93E 60 kVA
Eaton BladeUPS
Eaton 93PS 30/40 kVA
Eaton 93PS (8+8) kVA
Eaton 93PS (10+10) kVA
Eaton 93PS (15+15) kVA
Eaton 93PS (20+20) kVA
Eaton 9355 40 kVA
INT004WEB INT004 Intervention Product Line D Eaton 93E 80 kVA
Eaton 93E 100 kVA
Eaton 93PM 30 kVA
Eaton 93PM 40 kVA
Eaton 93PM 50 kVA
INT005WEB INT005 Intervention Product Line E Eaton 93PM 60 kVA
Eaton 93PM 80 kVA
Eaton 93E 120 kVA
INT006WEB INT006 Intervention Product Line F Eaton 93PM 100 kVA
Eaton 93PM 120 kVA
INT007WEB INT007 Intervention Product Line G Eaton 93PM 150 kVA
Eaton 93E 160 kVA
Eaton 93PM 160 kVA
Eaton 93E 200 kVA
Eaton 93PM 200 kVA

Intervention – Documentation

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