Eaton Protection Box
Features and Benefits

  • Effective surge protection
    The Protection Box is designed to filter the power supply for delicate equipment to protect it against surges, interference and the indirect effects of lightning. The high performance of the Protection Box is based on an advanced design with surge protection in compliance with IEC 61643-1.
  • Complete protection
    The Protection Box range has models with 1, 5 or 8 sockets. Some models also provide protection for telephone connections that can carry surges to the equipment. Tel@ models: with telephone / broadband Internet access protection Tel@ + TV models: with telephone / broadband Internet access protection + Audio/Video protection module (surge protection for television and FM radio with TV and F-Type connectors)
  • Practical and economical
    Replaceable surge protection module (Protection Box 5 Tel@, 5 Tel@ + TV and 8 Tel@+TV) The surge protective devices for these models are grouped into a pluggable module for:
    • easy replacement if the surge protective devices are destroyed by a major surge (no need to disconnect the equipment)
    • can be updated (adding functions, changing connectors, etc.)
  • Lots of features to simplify life:
    • Power on and surge protection active indicators.
    • Cable ties and cable markers supplied (5 and 8 socket models).
    • Sockets arranged to allow blocks to be stacked side by side.
  • Free insurance
    Eaton offers insurance for the equipment connected (applicable for EU countries and Norway only). This insurance is included in the purchase price of the Protection Box and covers up to €50,000 for an 8-socket model to cover damage caused by a failure of the surge protection.