Enterprise Data Center Enclosures

Enterprise Data Center Racks & Enclosures

Efficiency is the top priority for IT managers of medium-to-large enterprise data centers. Eaton addresses this challenge with thoughtful airflow management and power management accommodation built into its easy-to-install enclosure platforms

RS Enclosure Server configuration

RS Enclosure

The new Eaton RS Enclosure provides an easy-to-configure rack solution for IT equipment storage. RS features tool-less configurations, optimized mounting for power distribution, flexible cable management solutions and security provisions.

RS network configuration - Server configuration that includes robust cable management solutions to manage medium-to-high density requirements.

RS server configuration - A cost-effective base configuration with ePDU mounting, airflow and cable management options.

S-Series Seismic Enclosure

S-Series Seismic Enclosure

Seismic enclosures – the solution of choice for installations where shock and vibration are factors. Seismic enclosures protect your electronics by providing enhanced frame strength and rigidity.

S-Series Telescoping Chimney

S-Series Telescoping Chimney

Eaton's S-Series Telescoping Chimney – is a passive system that directs the heat exhaust of IT equipment to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings. Hot air isolation at the enclosure level allows you to increase rack densities and maximize cooling efficiencies.

Open Frame Racks

Open Frame Racks

Open frame rack solutions are designed to provide easy accessibility to equipment while also keeping cables organized.

Two-Post Racks – provide the primary mounting and cabling infrastructure to meet a variety of application requirements.

Four-Post Racks – provide nearly 360 degrees of accessibility and unrestricted architecture for cable-dense networking equipment.

Two-Post Seismic Rack – the seismic 19-inch two-post relay rack is designed for areas where shock and vibration are a factor.

Eaton Legacy Enclosures

Legacy Eaton Enclosures

Access information on Eaton’s legacy enclosure product lines including S-Series, Paramount and Vantage.